Republic of Adonidia
[[Image:|125px|Flag of Adonidia]] [[Image:|85px|center|]]
Motto | "Prosperity, Power, Hospitality"
National Anthem | "We Have Risen:
Gentilic | Adonidian
Capital city Santa Clarita
Most populated city Baco
Official languag(es) Adonish


Regional languag(es) Spanish, Tagalog, Bisaya, Waray, Chavacano
Total population
 - Estimate year 2016 47 million pop.
 - Población Urbana (%) 29 %
Social indicators
 - Life expectancy 88 years
 - Infant mortality 10/million born
 - Literacy 99%
Currency Adonidian peso
Weather Tropical
Internet domain .adn
Telephone code +72
Radiophonic prefix .
Country acronym
 - To the aircraft .
 - Para automobiles .

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