This is just a quick list of information on the structure of noble titles and peerages within The Sovereignty of Dahrconia.

Dahrconian Monarchy Edit

The Dahrconian Monarchy is the Royal Family. Here's the list.

King and Queen.

Prince and Princess (sons and daughters)

Underprince and Underprincess (Grandsons and Granddaughters)

Visprince and Visprincess (Great Grandsons and Great Granddaughters)

Titles of Nobility. Edit

Since the formation of the Dahrconian Constitution, the titles of nobility have been relegated to specially granted peerages. These titles are granted as such.

Duke and Duchess.

Marquess and Marchioness.

Earl and Countess.

Viscount and Viscountess.

Baron and Baroness.

All titles are awarded to people of Dahrconia upon confirmation of the Monarch for services rendered to the people of Dahrconia. These include accomplishments that have brought better times to Dahrconia, and to certain services in public service included service in both the Parliament and Sentate.

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