Republic of Saniel
(Republica de Saniel)

Flag Flag
Motto | Always United
National Anthem | National Anthem of Saniel
Gentilic | Sainelien
Capital city New Madrid
Most populated city Siete
Official languag(es) English
Regional languag(es) {{{regional language}}}
Total population 445, 491, 732
 - Estimate year 2013 445, 125, 432 pop.
 - Urban Population (%) 95 %
Social indicators
 - Life expectancy 74.6-87 years
 - Infant mortality 4.47/million born
 - Literacy 99.7%%
Currency Sanielien Pesos
Country Code SN
Internet domain .sn
Telephone code +764
TV and Radio Station Prefix I (North)
Q (South)
Country acronym
 - To the aircraft {{{Aircraft acronym}}}
 - Para automobiles {{{Automobile acronym}}}
Saniel is a country.

Most Populated Cities Edit

  1. Siete (7,626,844)
  2. Visa (4,231,155)
  3. New Madrid (3,241,267)
  4. Rosa (2,156,587)
  5. North Quilava City (2,102,246)

Gallery Edit


Polandball Version




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